New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 4)

The aim of this programme is to develop learners English language skills in an academic context.

This programme will enable learners to communicate independently and effectively in familiar and some unfamiliar situations, with fluency and flexibility.


24 weeks



2019 Intake Dates

14 February 2019 (AKL)

4 July 2019 (AKL/CHCH)

17 October 2019 (AKL/CHCH)

Entry Criteria

Applicants must provide evidence of:
an IELTS score of 5.5 (Academic) with no individual band lower than 5.0, or equivalent evidence of English Language proficiency in accordance with NZQA regulations.

Study Committment

This programme includes 23 contact hours per week, and 3 hours of self-directed learning per week.  Classes are scheduled for 5 days per week.

Programme Content

This programme consists of 5 components, which are integrated in the delivery of the programme. On completion of this programme it is expected that students will be able to:


Understand written texts at mid B2/University entry level and apply information for academic purposes.
Use a range of reading strategies to identify relevance, author’s stance, main ideas, detail and infer meaning.


Write clear, structured, extended texts in academic contexts.
Synthesise and evaluate information and arguments from a number of sources
Develop both topic and argument in written work.


Follow essentials of lectures, talks etc. in academic contexts
Demonstrate listening skills by identifying lines of argument, main themes and speakers’ point of view.
Record and summarise key information for academic purposes.


Give clear, structured, well-developed and argued presentations on academic topics.
Communicate complex information and make clear, systematic arguments, while responding appropriately to other participants, in discussions of academic topics.

Language Support

Demonstrate an appropriate range of grammar and vocabulary through Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in academic contexts.

Assessment Methodology

This programme assesses against NZQF Unit Standards.  To achieve the 62 credits, students must demonstrate competency in all assessments in the programme.

Bring your own device (BYOD) requirement

At AEI we understand that technology has become a key component to our everyday lives. Our programmes incorporate device driven activities and interactions. This also allows student learning to continue effortlessly wherever ytheyare.  All students are required to have a device as part of their personal equipment.  This device is required to be brought to every class.

What type of device is needed?
Laptops are AEI’s preferred device. It is important that the student’s laptop operates effectively in the AEI BYOD environment. We therefore recommend the following:

If purchasing new, the following minimum requirements should be met:

  • Windows 10 (or Mac Os 10.x Yosemite or higher)
  • i3 dual core or equivalent processor 4GB RAM
  • 320GB or greater hard drive
  • Wireless capability 802.11n dual band
  • At least a 13 inch screen
  • Up-to-date antivirus software
  • Battery life of a minimum of 6 hours (there is limited access to charging facilities in class)

If you currently have a laptop, the following minimum requirements should be met:

  • 10 inch screen or larger
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB free space minimum
  • Windows v7.0 or higher
  • Apple Mac 10.6 (Leopard) or higher
  • Wireless capability 802.11n dual band
  • CPU meets vendor OS minimum requirements.
  • Battery life of a minimum of 6 hours (there is limited access to charging facilities in class)

Microsoft 365
AEI provides a free version of Microsoft 365 to every student. This ensures that students have the latest version of Microsoft Office. Students can use this software online.
During induction, students will be given further information for accessing MS365 and any other technology that they will be using during their studies.

Education Pathways

This certificate builds on the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Applied) (Level 3) [Ref: 3667] and can lead to:

  • New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 5) [Ref: 1884].
  • This certificate may facilitate meeting the language requirements for many vocational and undergraduate programmes/courses and specialised fields of study requiring lower and/or New Zealand Qualifications Framework Level 5, for entrance.

Employment Pathways

Graduates of the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 4) [Ref: 1883] will have the English language skills to work in positions that require:

  • interpersonal communication
  • understanding of context-specific texts of a more academic nature
  • writing records and reports
  • interaction in a team.