COVID-19 Updates


AEI Emergency contact number (24/7) +64 21 303133

Update: 28 May 2020

We are at Alert 2.  Click here for the government’s website dedicated to COVID-19.  This has all of the information you need to know.

All students would have received emails relating to our phased return to face to face delivery.

If you have any questions send an email to or ask your facilitator.

Take care and keep safe.



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Massey University Approved Pathway for NZDB5 and NZDB6 programmes

AEI and Massey University have confirmed an articulation that enables AEI NZDB5 and NZDB6 graduates to be recognised by Massey University.

Visit the NZDB5 and NZDB6 programme information to see further details.

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Facebook Updates

As far as our students are doing their group presentations, we prepared some tips about how to get an A-mark for this assessment. Individual presentation marking consists of 4 main aspects: Content Visual Delivery Theory and examples Your content should be relevant to the topic and related to your company, also you have to demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the subject. Visuals are important too, so use photos, videos, infographics at least on some of your slides. Delivery is more about your confidence, knowing the subject, not reading slides, but telling about your findings. And finally, for the theory and examples, you should provide evidence of research, recommendations, give examples of how this theory has been implemented at your company. So good luck with your next presentations!

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Congratulations to our Business management students who have successfully passed the group presentation assessment in Information management. Thank you for the interesting and interactive workshops!
Good luck with your next presentations!

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Weekend is coming, but the weather forecast is not that nice. Here are some ideas for an interesting weekend in Auckland on a rainy day:

⭐Discover Kelly Tarltons Sealife Aquarium
⭐Visit Wintergardens in the Auckland Domain
⭐Play board games at Cakes n Ladders Cafe
⭐Go to bachata and salsa social dancing
⭐Examine the country's largest collection of art at the Auckland Art Gallery
⭐Try your luck in SkyCity, New Zealand's largest casino
⭐Take A Dip In One Of Auckland's Indoor Pools
⭐Play an Escape game at one of the escape rooms
⭐Experience Bowling and Arcade

More ideas for indoor activities in Auckland you can find here:

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If you plan to work in marketing, we suggest getting acquainted with essential Google instruments, like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Marketing Platform, Google Ad Manager, and others. Just register in the Google Skillshop and get access to various lectures and online certifications that would increase your attractiveness for the New Zealand employers.

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Today we are going to introduce you another New Zealand star – Taika Waititi.
Actor turned director Taika Waititi was Oscar-nominated for his 2005 short Two Cars, One Night. His second feature Boy (2010) became the most successful Kiwi film released on its home soil — at least until Waititi's adventure comedy Hunt for the Wilderpeople. In 2017 Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok became a global hit. Waititi then took away an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, for Nazi comedy Jojo Rabbit.

More information about him and his works you can find here

#taikawaititi #famousnewzealanders #newzealandstars #newzealandactors

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Final exams are coming soon for some of our Business Management students. So we prepared a post about mnemonic techniques that might be useful for memorizing blocks of information and new words:

1. Organization mnemonics
Grouping information together helps you remember them more easily. For example, if you need to remember the numbers “456159753481,” you can divide them into smaller groups. If you group them into “4561 5975 3481,” you may have a better chance of remembering them.

2. Visual mnemonics
Linking images together involves creating a visual story to connect the information you need to memorize. Every item leads you to remember the following article. For example, you may need to remember to bring your laptop, reading glasses, notepad and pen to your upcoming meeting. You can create a short story to link these items together so you don’t forget any of them.

3. Song mnemonics
Some people learn best when they can sing, so you can insert the information you want to memorize into a song.

4. Alliteration mnemonics
When you want to remember a person’s name, alliteration is a convenient tool. If you meet a colleague named Sabina, you can think of other words that start with the letter “S” that describe her. You may find Sabina is sophisticated, sincere and stylish. When you need to recall her name, you will remember the three words you associate with her and be able to narrow down her name to one that begins with the letter “S.”

More interesting mnemonics you can find here

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We are glad to announce that we will have a new intake for Diploma Level 5 in Business Management on the 10th of September! The program will last for 40 weeks and will provide knowledge of the Fundamentals of Marketing, Business Environment, Business Planning, Business Operations & Resources, and other papers. More details about the program and requirements for enrollment you can find on our web-site

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Today we prepared for you some tips for creating a New Zealand-style CV.

1. Keep it short, 1-3 pages
2. Keep your most relevant experience and skills to the top of your CV
3. Include technical and personal skills
4. Include referee contact details. References are very important for New Zealand employers.
5. Include your achievements and results, not only what you were doing.

More tips for a good kiwi-style CV you can find here

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Our English program students are getting ready for the final step, the IELTS exam. We prepared a list of apps that may help you improve your spelling to get more points for the Writing test:

1) Simplex Spelling Phonics It is mainly concentrated on teaching about the spelling concepts.

2) Spell 4 you Spell 4 You is a spelling app with voice recognition.

3) Spelling Notebook Free With this app, users can create their own list and sets of words to practice with.

4) Spell and pronounce words right It is an educational app for those who are uneasy remembering spellings and pronunciation.

5) Spelling teacher
More apps for spelling you can find here

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AEI together with the Licenced Immigration Advisor Kiwiana will run a seminar in Christchurch this Saturday, 27th June. This seminar will provide useful information for those who are already in New Zealand and plan to enroll for programs Diploma level 5, 6, or 7. There will be also information about scholarships and discounts, so please invite your friends!

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