When to apply

Entry into the English language courses is every Monday, so you can apply to start at any time.

Entry into our Academic programmes occurs as per published intake date for each programme.


Depending on the programme you are applying for, we will need to establish your entry eligibility.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the AEI International Student Application Form
    • Remember to choose a suitable strand/specialisation*
    • You will also require medical/travel insurance that covers the duration of your stay in New Zealand.  AEI can arrange this for you.
    • If you need AEI to help you for accommodation, you can ask us about our preferred Homestay providers.
  2. Submit your Application Form to our Marketing team here at AEI, or one of our approved recruitment consultants.  You will need to include a copy of your passport, and evidence of entry eligibility (where applicable).

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact our Marketing team. We are always happy to help you and answer your questions!

After you have applied

  1. AEI will evaluate your application, and if accepted, send you an Offer of Place and Invoice for the costs of your study.
  2. Make sure you re-familiarise yourself with the Conditions of Enrolment
  3. You make payment and apply for a Student Visa (if you are studying for more than 12 weeks full-time with AEI).
  4. Once AEI receives payment, we will send you a receipt.  Your payment confirms  your acceptance of our Offer of Place.


*Please note that strands/specialisations are subject to numbers.  Therefore, AEI reserves the right to not open strands/specialisations if enrolments are not sufficient.  Please take this into consideration before accepting our Offer of Place.  AEI will aim to notify you in the event that a strand/specialisation is not opened at least 10 days prior to your Offer of Place commencement date.  A different strand/specialisation will be offered, and if this is not accepted a full refund will be provided.